Our Chef

I have dreams of becoming a expert pastry chef and having a little bakery - that's how much I love baking. I love to cook in common, but my heart lies in desserts.

Shri Ashok's second son is Shri Vikram Madhwani, more popularly known as Sanjeev Kapoor of Lake City. Shri Vikram's culinary skills make him a well known face not only in Udaipur but also all over the country. Born and brought up in Udaipur, Shri Vikram did schooling from Adinath Public School and Jawahar Jain School, Udaipur. He affirms that he has inherited his culinary skills from his father Sh. Ashok Madhwani, proficient in this field.

pastry maker in udaipur

A chef par excellence, with charming personality, Shri Vikram takes care of Ashoka Chicken Comer, catering management, outside catering and vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish I suppies. He has showcased his talent at various places including Ahmedabad, Jodhpur and Delhi where he has won accolades for his piquant culinary art. Shri Vikram is also invited occasionally at various seminars as a guest of honour.

Keen to share his rich and varied experience of culinary art, Shri Vikram participates actively in events like workshops, seminars etc. conducted by diferent organizations in and outside Lakel City. Shri Vikram has authored many books based on cuisines. He has also participated in culinary shows on TV and has a huge fan following on Facebook.

The very versatile Shri Vikram is also a poet at heart and an accomplished artist. He has been an excellet football player and cyclist. This chef also excels in playing the guitar. Shri Vikram gets al complete support from his family and especially from wife Smt. Mahima, who is a commerce i graduate. The couple has a fourteen-year old daughter Vanshi, who is a brilliant student of clas i 9 and secured second rank in Rajasthan in ABACUS. Vanshi has bagged several awards as ai dancer. Nine-year old Dhruvi is very creative and is a good painter.

From his role model, father Sh. Ashok Madhwani, Shri Vikram has learned to be hard working, i patent and honest in whatever he does. Shri Vikram would like to known as a person who is kind hearted and always willing to help others. Shri Vikram's only regret in life is that due to his busy schedule, he is not able to give ample time to his family.

Shri Vikram is a modest, cheerful and amiable person whom people love to meet again and again.